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Subject: Defination Of Love
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masumly 11/21/2006 - 10:15:30
Who can give a simple defination of love? *

zaaks123 12/16/2006 - 9:56:10
Its a unexplanable connection wich ur lord instils in da heart of 2 ple.. *

2jiam5 2/4/2007 - 7:19:08
Love is GOD,and GOD is Love *

d_sweet 2/12/2007 - 6:11:16
Ù can give w/o loving, but u can't love w/o giving. *

kyleval 2/24/2007 - 6:15:19
L0VE-a w0rd w0rn out in use,alm0st dev0id of meaning.But I pr0mise...between us, L0VE will never be just a w0rd,-->but a REALITY! *

adanay 3/13/2007 - 11:33:37
love starts with the eyes felt by the heart and ends with a tear :-) *

kyleval 3/24/2007 - 4:34:24
L0VE is the supreme and unique law of human life, which everyone feels in the depth of one's soul. *

spicyjay 30.04.08 - 08:56pm
Love is d invincible bond dat holds pple 2geda *

wakada.u 30.05.08 - 04:55am
Love is a spiritualSeed in humansHeart,& it reacts like dis: inSingles it finds 4 a lover. in a Family it keeps Peace & in public it brings Unity. *

lasttry 13.07.08 - 11:21am
When there is no hateradness then there always prevails love. Love has nothing to with concern or disconcern and relationship or no relationship or lustfull or no l*st atall, love and hate are opposite pairs and two sides of one coin, to get rid of one side let us let prevail the right side which is love. *

nurtaj 5.02.09 - 02:38pm
Love is when two hearts become one. Love should be sincere and true. *

tcamritc 6.02.09 - 05:11am
Love is feeling born inside people which ever be more n more n more.. .. .. Then any1s lips can express or says.. *

ij07 13.02.09 - 03:12am
Huh love starts wit one's self datz y itz a deep nd warm feelings 4 one's self nd another.love is unique. *

morenna 26.03.09 - 07:49pm
Love makes the world go round. Love s what happens 2 a man and woman who dnt know each other..love.GIF *

weltschm 13.06.09 - 01:37am
Love is a big chemical process in one's brain and body...also the feelings are like addiction of drugs *

nomsoboy 20.10.09 - 03:54am
read 1 Corinthians 13 *

adlims40 27.10.09 - 07:13pm
It takes a th0usand brains to explen wat l0ve is. . .but only 2hearts kn0ws!!! *

jassi07 2.04.10 - 12:33pm
pyar koi defination nhi de ska aaj tk.pyar sirf ladki se nhi hota pyar kayenat ki kisi b chez se ho skta ha.god n d luv *

khasamo 30.05.10 - 07:39am
love is a heart relatio, toward believed object which affects human drives, mood and inner feeling among lovers. *

saira24 1.07.10 - 10:24pm
love is more than just material gains..its standing by that person through joy . .sorrow. .success n failure.it is loving somebody inspite of their imperfections *

lion3 3.09.11 - 11:21am
the basic defination of love is STOP RULING OVER THE PERSON U LOVE *

tuh 14.09.12 - 01:50pm
Love works with the combination of 5senses. It keeps attracting,interacting to opposite sex. Tempting 2 satisfy his/her imagination *

tuh 14.09.12 - 01:53pm
So love is interaction of feeling continuosly *

tuh 15.09.12 - 04:29pm
Love is the interaction within human- esp attraction between opp sex due to God's perfect creation for multiplication purposes *

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